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Lee Labrada Fitness 360: Bodybuilding’s Perfect Man – Training

Lee Labrada is one of bodybuilding’s iconoclasts. He may be retired, but his training regimen works as hard as ever. Follow this plan and become stronger than you’ve ever been. Articles

Labrada Lean Body Success Story: Tiffani Feathers Lost 65 Pounds

Success stories like Tiffani Feathers' are few and far between. She lost 65 pounds and became a happier, healthier wife and mother. Find out how she did it! Articles

Labrada Lean Body Success Story: Natural Bodybuilder Michael Klamut

This father, husband, and amateur bodybuilder was stricken with an intestinal obstruction just days before a competition. Learn how he survived the ordeal and transformed his life! Articles

Lee Labrada Remembers The Legend: A Tribute To Joe Weider

Joe Weider was like a father to Lee Labrada, who knew the Master Blaster through business and bodybuilding. Lee remembers the Trainer of Champions. Articles

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