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Brandon Hendrickson Outlasts Large Field To Win Arnold Men’s Physique

In a hard-fought battle, a new champ emerged in this fledgling category at the 2016 Arnold Sports Festival.

Brandon Hendrickson of Bartlett, Illinois, outlasted a field of nearly 40 competitors to win the Arnold Classic Men’s Physique for the biggest win of his three-year career in the IFBB Pro League. Hendrickson received congratulations from Arnold Schwarzenegger, $ 5,000, a Tony Nowak official champion’s jacket, and the champion’s trophy from Eric Hillman of Europa Sports Products and Eric Torgerson of EAS.

The remainder of the Arnold Men’s Physique top six:

  • Second place: George Brown of Columbus, Ohio received $ 2,000 and a trophy from Jan Tana and MHP.
  • Third place: Jason Poston of Dallas, Texas, received $ 1,500 and a trophy from Blackstone Labs and Muscle & Fitness.
  • Fourth place: Ryan Terry of England received $ 1,500 and a trophy from Lone Star Distribution and Optimum Nutrition.
  • Fifth place: Andre Ferguson of Selden, New York, received $ 1,000 and a trophy from Scitec Nutrition and Rule One Proteins.
  • Sixth place: Raymont Edmonds received $ 500 and a trophy from VPX and Black Skull.

Photos courtesy of Arnold Sports Festival (Dave Emery). Articles

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