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We 'Mirin Volume 120: 14 EPIC SELFIES

Feast your eyes upon these 14 selfie masters and soak up some inspiration! Articles

We 'Mirin Volume 117: Fit Besties

A great workout begins and ends with a supportive partner. Check out these fit friends who push each other every day! Articles

We 'Mirin Volume 116: 19 Tattooed Titans

These 19 individuals have built awe-inspiring physiques that forge a true bond between iron and ink. Articles

We 'Mirin Volume 114: Do You Even Beard, Bruh?

These 14 dudes take the word "lumbersexual" to a whole new level. Articles

We 'Mirin Vol 102: 21 Inspirational Transformations

These 21 motivating individuals got back to the grind and carved bodies worthy of celebration! Articles

We 'Mirin Vol 100: You're So Vein

This time, Carly Simon is wrong. The 100th volume of We 'Mirin IS about you: you and your insane vascularity! Articles

We 'Mirin Vol 99: 16 Fit Physiques

Having trouble sticking to your New Year's resolution? Here are 16 reasons to reignite your motivation. Articles

We 'Mirin Vol 98: 16 Mini-To-Mighty Transformations

Transformations aren't always about losing body fat. Check out these inspiring people who put on serious muscle! Articles

We 'Mirin Vol 97: Meet The 10 Bodyspace Spokesmodel Finalists

The votes are in. Let's salute the 10 finalists in the Spokesmodel Contest the best way we know how: by 'mirin! Articles

We 'Mirin Vol 91: 26 Shocking Costumes That Will Leave You Breathless

What wizardry is this? None, friends! These costumed heroes and muscular specters refined their physiques with hard work! No tricks, just training. Articles

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