Site Injections

Many people think that if you inject the steroid into a muscle it will bind to that muscle particularly faster acting ester steroids such as prop if it has an ester I say it DOES NOT, I’m now going to try and explain why I believe it doesn’t. They may cause some local growth through stretching the muscle but then any oil based steroid with an ester will be as effective as prop etc.

It’s simple, once I explain the whole ester thing. Esterification is a process where a carboxylic acid is attached to the steroid molecule. This makes it more difficult for the blood to pick it up and carry it into circulation, and likewise slows the rate the drug can leave the injection site. As a result, an inactive deposit of steroid can sit at the site of injection, releasing slowly for days or weeks into the blood stream. Once free in the blood the ester is removed quickly by enzymes, and the base steroid is rendered active. Different esters take longer than others at one end we have esters like Propionate with quite a short life and at the other end we have esters like Decanoate with a long life.

The esterified steroids you inject are useless at binding to the local receptors (or to any receptors) until the ester is removed. Once the ester is removed the steroid is active.

The place where 98% of the ester will be removed is in the blood stream. 2% in the muscle cell. The enzymes which remove the esters are found in the blood stream.

So when you site inject a drug like deca, it has to be taken from the injection site, into the blood stream where the ester is removed making it active.

So, when the gear is active, it has left the muscle it was injected into and is in the blood stream, now every muscle has as good chance in binding with the steroid. The steroid will bind with the androgen receptor, making a hormone-receptor complex, then enters the cell nucleus, where it binds to DNA, and you grow!

That of course leaves ester free gear.

If the steroid doesn’t have an ester, then a small (and I mean small!) percentage of the steroid can bind directly with the receptor of the injected muscle, before the majority of it is released into the blood stream. This will help to increase the growth of the local muscle.

Types of drugs to use. Winstrol, Test Suspension, injectible Anadrol, Injectable Dbol, and I’m sure some others that I can’t think of at the moment.

So the next time an internet expert tells you something like “prop is the best steroid to use for site growth” think twice about it and don’t just believe it’s true because he’s a moderator on a forum or makes a lot of posts.

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