steroids for inflammation?

Question by bowie1: steroids for inflammation?
once you stop taking steroids for inflammation will all swelling go away?
steroids for inflammation of muscles…immune system attacking own muscles!
illness called polymyositis

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Answer by Katie B
it takes time but yes it will eventually!

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4 Responses to “steroids for inflammation?”

  • greg f says:

    Good question , I wouldn’t take them for inflammation, I would do some natural remedy.We own 2 health food stores and we recommend Joint XL 1. Help reduce pain and inflammation
    2. Increase joint mobility
    3. Promote healthy joint function

    promotes a healthy inflammation response
    promotes healthy joint function
    promotes normal cell growth
    hope this was helpful., in health and abundance, Greg

  • Ellen says:

    It depends on what is causing the inflammation. If it was an injury then yes, it should be gone. If the inflammation is part of a disease process then it might not. You didn’t provide enough information for a definitive answer.

  • Lisa P says:

    What the illnes called???

  • sazm82 says:

    I have Crohn’s Diseas which is where the immune system attacks my intestines for no reason! I have had many a course of steroid and if you mean the moon face and puffiness, then yes this all goes away after you stop taking them.

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