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Driven For Success

You have two choices: Wait for something to motivate you to get into your best shape ever, or get in shape now and be ready when that something comes along. Here's how Cory Gregory stays fit for whatever life throws at him! Articles

2015 Arnold Classic Bikini International Preview

Ashley Kaltwasser is the only woman competing out of last year's top five finishers. Will she be defeated by an up-and-comer or will she become the first back-to-back Bikini International champ? Articles

Your Workouts: Never Be Bored Again

Has 3 sets of 10 reps been your routine for as long as you can remember? Add variety to your workouts to get even better results! Articles

Ashley Hoffmann's High-Frequency Leg Workout

Do your legs need some extra focus? Ashley Hoffmann trains hers 3 days per week for insane results! Articles

In Pursuit Of Speed: 6 Sure-Fire Tips To Make You Run Faster

Do you even sprint, bro? Heed this advice to help you run and do it fast. Articles

Jessie Hilgenberg's Muscle-Building Tips

Lean mass isn't easy to build, but with the right tips in your arsenal and a sound plan of attack, you'll be on your way to making gains. Articles

Bill Phillip's Back To Fit: Day 32

Your chest, back, and arms all get a workout in this upper-body circuit. Let's do it! Articles

Kiss Your Old Bench-Press Max Goodbye!

If you're still using last year's weight on chest day, you're in dire need of some new methods to pack on size and strength. Here are 4 worth working into your bench-press game. Articles

6 Side Effects Of Creatine: Myths Debunked

Creatine is one of the most popular supplements on the market. Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions about its side effects and uses. Learn the facts about creatine. Articles

Workout Gear For Women

Your fellow women warriors at have put together a list of our favorite fitness gadgets, apparel, and supplements. Check it out and add your own! Articles

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