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5 Ways To Spark New Muscle Growth

Everybody deals with sticking points in their muscle growth, but not everybody knows how to overcome them. Here are 5 ways to push past stalled progress and get back to gains! Articles

AMP: Marc Megna's 8-Week Aesthetics Meets Performance Trainer Phase 4, Day 48

Sprint work is important to a great physique. Build up your hamstrings and glutes while you torch some fat. Articles

AMP: Marc Megna's 8-Week Aesthetics Meets Performance Trainer Phase 4, Day 49

Rest up today and prepare for the final week of the AMP trainer. You've been doing great, so keep the momentum moving forward. Articles

Military Bodybuilder Of The Month: Riley Is On A Roll!

Physique competitors who work in the military can't think in terms of ''show'' or ''go.'' They need both. Luckily, the Air Force's Riley Marx has them in spades! Articles

9 Ways To Make Fitness Fun For Your Whole Family

Fitness doesn't have to be a solo journey. Introduce your whole family to a healthier lifestyle with these 9 tips! Articles

Arachidonic Acid: When Inflammation Is Good

Your body knows how to use training-induced inflammation as a springboard into muscular gains. Now there's a supplement that taps into this process. Get to know arachidonic acid and experience gains like the old days! Articles

We 'Mirin Volume 85: Before They Were Pros

Before the giants ever took the Olympia stage they had to hit the weights. Check out these before and after photos! Articles

2014 Olympia Weekend: 212 Class Pre-judging Report

Flex Lewis continued to set the bar in 212 prejudging. What happened in the other positions and callouts is the story of the day! Articles

2014 Olympia Weekend: Women's Prejudging Report

This afternoon, the Vegas Expo Center played host to the prejudging portion of the women's shows. Find out who rocked the first callouts and what the finals could bring! Articles

White Chocolate Almond Protein Bars

Don't waste time in the grocery store aisle deciding between chewy and crunchy granola bars. Bake up some protein-infused bars in your own kitchen! Articles

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