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Living The CrossFit Life: Learn About Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet

Five-time CrossFit Games qualifier Camille Leblanc-Bazinet is one of the best athletes in the world. Check out how she trains, how she eats, and how she prepares to perform at the highest level. Articles

7 Foolproof Protein Sweets

Most of us have experienced at least one major disappointment when it comes to making protein treats. Misfire no more! These recipes are delicious and easy enough to renew your faith in healthy baking. Articles

12 Uncommon Exercises You Have To Try

If the same old lifts are getting a little stale, try one of these 12 uncommon movements for anything-but-common muscle and strength gains! Articles

CrossFit Competitions: How To Prepare To Perform Your Best

Heading to your local box to do the house WOD is one thing, but learning how to prepare your mind and body for a competition is an entirely different beast. Here's how to prepare for a CrossFit competition! Articles

Fitness 360: Rodney Razor – Razor-Sharp Training

Keep changing, power up the intensity, and push your body to the razor's edge. Check out Rodney Razor's training plan! Articles

Blueprint Your Gains For Long-Term Growth

Apply a little planning to your workouts to get bigger, stronger, and fitter, forever. Check out this one-year training plan! Articles

We 'Mirin Vol. 72: 18 Awesome Physiques

You need motivation? We've got your motivation right here! Check out these 18 photos of seriously good physiques. Articles

How To Build A Calisthenics Body

There's no shortcut to advanced bodyweight movements, but they come with a reward anyone can see. Here are the telltale signs that you built your body the old-fashioned way! Articles

James Grage's Rewired 9-Week Fitness Trainer – Day 53 Back

Too often, even the best training plans fall prey to shoddy nutrition as the weeks grind on. Are you holding up your end of the 90-10 bargain? Articles

2014 IFBB Omaha Pro

Find all of the coverage here of the IFBB Omaha Pro, held on June 7th in Omaha, Nebraska! Articles

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