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Healthy Breakfast Recipe: Chicken And Waffle Sandwich

Chicken and waffles: always delicious, not always nutritious. Prove that you can have it both ways with this muscle-making recipe! Articles

Body Transformation: Caty Pasternak Lost 110 Pounds And Built Curves!

Caty set incremental measurable goals to lose 110 pounds and 22 percent body fat. Get the plans that she used to stay focused on fitness and build a beautiful bikini body! Articles

A New Image: Super Bowl Champion Brendon Ayanbadejo Tackles Fitness

Brendon Ayanbadejo knows a thing or two about balancing elite athletic performance with a dynamite physique. Learn how the former linebacker has made the transition to the fitness world! Articles

Epic Muscle-Building Meal: Creamy Avocado Chicken Pasta

Growth doesn't always come easy, but this muscle-building meal is guaranteed to deliver serious gains for even the scrawniest hardgainers. Articles

Fitstagram Vol. 13: #FITFUEL

Abs are made in the kitchen, but so is tasty and healthy food! Check out these 15 prime examples of delicious fitness nutrition. Articles

Arnold Schwarzenegger Blueprint Trainer Day 27

You're going to earn this week's cheat meal with your heaviest leg workout yet. Put plates on the bar and get to work! Articles

Arnold Schwarzenegger Blueprint Trainer Day 28

Rest day! It's time to relax, recuperate, and soak up Arnold lore. Take a look at the budding Mr. Universe when he was at the end of phase one of his bodybuilding career! Articles

Train Like A Beast: Physique Competitor Chest Workout

High-volume sets will pump blood to your muscles and make them grow! Activate beast mode to finish this intense chest workout! Articles

Ask The Protein Powder Chef: Do You Have A Recipe For Cooking With Vegan Protein Powder?

Vegan protein powders are often overlooked, but they're actually the best for cooking. Learn how to bake moist treats with this protein cookie recipe. Articles

Built Like A Gymnast: Pack On The Muscle With Gymnastic Rings

There are few tools that can build a strong, ripped upper body as effectively as gymnastics rings. Discover what this favorite implement of classic bodybuilders can do for you! Articles

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