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Teen Amateur Of The Week: Called Out And Sized Up!

Size was a detriment for Anthony. He learned to embrace his 5-foot-5 frame and build muscle to compensate. Now he focuses on shows and lets his physique do the talking! Articles

Optimum Nutrition Presents The 2013 Fitness Expo!

The 2013 Fitness Expo is primed to be our biggest, most action-packed Expo yet! Articles

Body Transformation: Candice Shines In A New Bikini Body! Articles

Fitness Amateur Of The Week: Don't Bet Against Rachel!

Goals were foreign to Rachel until she competed and placed for the first time in bikini. Now she's driven and addicted to the feeling of accomplishment and success! Articles

Over 40 Amateur Of The Week: Bernie Stands Strong At Age 72!

People are blown away to hear that Bernie is 72 years old. He defied Mother Nature and overcame massive injuries with heavy iron and a strict diet! Articles

Fitness Amateur Of The Week: Keri Makes Hardcore Look Sexy!

Intense training is therapeutic for Keri. She developed a passion for the weights as a teen and hasn't let up since. Expect to see her on a figure stage near you! Articles

D Up! The Case For More Vitamin D Articles

We 'Mirin Vol. 28: 20 Bodies Of Iron

Sometimes, we forget why we're in the gym. Take one scroll through these incredible photos and you'll remember why you train hard and heavy. Articles

Jim Stoppani's Shortcut To Shred Recipes: Sweet Potato Omelet

Don't knock this recipe until you try it! It's sweet, salty, and has the perfect muscle-building macros. Articles

Erin Stern Fitness 360: Supplement Program

Erin Stern augments her intense training and clean nutrition with a smart array of supplements. Check out her lineup and build the body of a champion! Articles

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