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Fitness 360: Jaquelyn Kastelic, Powered By Paleo—Training

Jaquelyn liked CrossFit so much that she opened her own box (gym) to share the gift of fitness with a growing fan base of CrossFit fanatics. Articles

We 'Mirin Special Edition: Shoulder Spectacular

Get inspired to build bolder shoulders with this collection of 23 devastatingly awesome delt shots! Articles

Billy Blanks Jr. Dances His Way To The Top Of Fitness

Risk is second nature in business and fitness. Failure is commonplace, but so is the spirit of entrepreneurial ascension. Billy Blanks failed so he could succeed. Articles

Over 40 Amateur Of The Week: Shredded Abs At Age 43!

Semi-pro basketball taught Nick to work hard and be disciplined as a teen. That dedication transferred to the gym where he built a cut physique for more than 25 years! Articles

Fitness 360: James St. Leger, Fire Arms

When you live a life on the edge, engage hostiles, and fight in cages, the bodybuilding stage is a safe zone. See how James St. Leger's body operates under multiple jurisdictions. Articles

Pain & Gain Exclusive With Mark Wahlberg And Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

The Rock and Mark have both focused on fitness through their lives. Their new movie tells the story of three bodybuilders who get in over their heads. Articles

Insure Your Success: 4 Steps To Mental Strength!

Big changes can be difficult. If you've made the commitment to health, and are feeling alone in your decision, here's some help. Here are four ways to keep negativity from winning! Articles

Fitness Amateur Of The Week: Anna Brings Sexy Back!

Anna blew the socks off everyone at the 2013 Arnold Amateur to win overall bikini. The taste of victory is still fresh, but it's where she came from and what she went through that drives this babe! Articles

Size Vs. Strength: Are You Lifting Too Heavy?

Serious physique athletes know to use the right tool for the job of muscle growth. If you have to cheat just to get to the low end of 8-10 reps, stop and read this! Articles

Marc Megna's Weekend Warrior Workout

Can't spend hours in the gym every day? You don't have to! This twice-per-week, full-body workout will help you weekend warriors do better in sports and live healthier lives. Articles

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